Let me find out Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are already married.

We watched as the “Love & Hip Hop” stars pumped the brakes on an impromptu Vegas wedding right after Mendeecees was released from jail.

A short time later, we found out Yandy was pregnant with the couple’s second child (Mendeecees’ fourth).

Weeeeeell, it appears the lovebirds may have quietly tied the knot before Skylar Smith Harris was born?

During an interview with VH1, Yandy stated she wanted to be a Harris before the baby was born because she didn’t want her child to have a different last name.

We wanted to make sure that I was a Harris before – I always said, ‘If I have another child…I don’t want my child being born with a different last name than mine.’

Yandy went on to detail what kind of ceremony she’d love to have. Then, she coyly ended with…”It may have happened already.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds…that’s if they actually did get married.

Photo: Instagram