Kandi On How An Unauthorized Biopic Initiated Talks Between The Ladies:

We caught wind that somebody was doing an unauthorized movie about us and we felt it was important for us to tell our own story, instead of somebody else telling it.

Tamika [Scott] and I hadn’t communicated in a long time but, when I was expressing to Tiny how I felt about our story not being told right, she relayed the message to everybody else and it turned out that we were all on the same page.


Xscape To Perform At Essence Fest
Credit: DeWayne Rogers

On Working With Mona Scott-Young:

Well, first, you know we’re all about girl power.

Mona came into the picture for the biopic and a few other things and we just saw her movement and everything she’s doing with VH1 and we were like, ‘wow, she’s doing big things.’ We were actually introduced to her through Kandi and then form there, we figured we would just see where it goes and so far, everything has been pretty good. You know, sometimes you grab what you were longing for and we definitely didn’t have a female of strength working with us in the past but, now we do.

Tamika On Their Docuseries:

The docuseries is going to show us coming back together to make history again. You’ll get to see the process of us getting back in the lab and learning each other all over again as adults.

Even though we’ve been friends since we were teenagers, we’re all grown now so, it’s about learning each other’s habits and ways of thinking today. Plus, figuring out the music and choreography.

Kandi On Performing At Essence Fest:

To me, ESSENCE Festival is iconic. When you think of it, you think of all the great acts and thousands of people coming into town to enjoy all of these artists that they love. So, I feel like it’s the perfect place for us to be able to reach fans from all over.

Xscape To Perform At Essence Fest
Credit: DeWayne Rogers

See video of Xscape below:


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