Million dollar lottery winner loses winning ticket


Talk about having the worst luck ever!

A California man is probably sitting in a four-corned room staring at candles after learning he hit the lottery, but lost the $1 million winning ticket.

The Powerball player purchased the “lucky” ticket at Rosemead Supermarket in the 8800 block of East Valley Boulevard back in September as the jackpot grew to $149 million. The ticket matched every number — 37, 6, 1, 53 and 16 — in the Sept. 13 drawing, except the Powerball number — 27 — good enough for second prize. (No ticket had all five numbers plus the Powerball.)

He had 180 days to claim the $1-million prize, and Thursday was the last day. Because Powerball rules require the winner to produce the actual winning ticket, he was ineligible to collect his winnings, California Lottery spokesman Alex Traverso said.

Lottery officials had tried to identify the man, even distributing surveillance video footage of him buying the winning ticket in hopes of locating him. One man came forward saying he was the winner and that he had seen news reports about himself buying the ticket but had lost it.

Oh, they would have to bury me a G!

I’ve lost a lot of very valuable things throughout my life that were very hard to get over, but a million dollar lottery ticket would send me straight to the crossroads! (And I’m gonna miss everybody!)

The bright side is the unclaimed money went to the California public school system.