Afro-Merge Artist Marenikae Releases Debut Single 'Remember'

Marenikae Releases Debut Single ‘Remember’

Ice Cream Convos is extremely excited to premiere “Remember,” the empowering debut single of Nigerian Afro-Merge artist Marenikae.

The statuesque songstress describes the song as a battle cry for women everywhere who are tired of being lied to, taken advantage of and cheated on. “Remember” is a battle cry for women to dry their tears and get back to the business of conquering the world.

On the surface, the song represents a woman being fed up with being lied to by her mate, but the singer/songwriter suggests the energy behind the song could fit many different scenarios that women are fed up with including biased wages, sexism and gender bias.

A childhood conversation with her maternal grandmother was the inspiration for “Remember”. Years later, Marenikae felt it was fitting to pull from the strength and courage in her heritage to inspire other women across cultures and even countries.

“Women across the world deal with similar injustices, biases and prejudices. We may be on different continents, but we often share the same struggle. This was my opportunity to highlight this and to showcase a universal sisterhood.”

The production for “Remember” was a joint collaboration between Southern based producer Cory Mo (Gucci Mane, UGK) and Nigerian producer Bigfootinyourface (Aramide, Nosa, Illbliss). The combination of Southern funk meshed with African beats is the perfect explanation of Marenikae. The song is a fitting prelude to her upcoming EP due later in the year.

“I felt this was a great buzz single to illustrate my commitment to ‘womanism’ and to act as an introduction for my project.”

The songstress refers to her music as “afro-merge” as she believes it showcases her African heritage merged with both European and American influences.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Marenikae’s debut single, “Remember,” below.

Marenikae - Remember


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