MOVIE SCOOP: ‘Wonder Woman’ Is The BEST Superhero Film To Date!

wonder woman courage movie poster

Diana’s world is changed forever when an Allied spy, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes into the ocean near Themyscira with a platoon of German soldiers in pursuit of him. Diana manages to save him, but the his pursuers battle The Amazons.

Steve, with a little “golden compulsion” reveals a Great War (World War I) that threatens to destroy the lives of millions around the world.

Diana, despite her mother’s wishes, opts to travel to the real world believing Ares, the god of war, is responsible for this cataclysm.

She soon learns Man’s World is not all it is cracked up to be and must battle sexism, racism, devastation, and hidden truths to save mankind from themselves.

wonder woman power movie poster

A Wonder Woman movie was long overdue, and for the seventy-six years she has been in existence we are glad a film that does her justice has come into the fray.

This film really has something for everyone, so do not label it as a chick flick or liken it to any of the past failed female superhero films (ex. Catwoman, Elektra, Supergirl).

The success of this film may very well usher in other female superhero led films across studios who deserve their own standalone films as well.

Batgirl is the next female superhero to get her own film in the DC Cinematic Universe, but what about other longstanding female heroes like Storm, Black Canary, Black Widow, Vixen, or even Supergirl.

It is a new day guys and gals, get behind the movement and this movie!

See the power, witness the glory, and appreciate the rise of one of history’s greatest superheroes in a theater near you everywhere this Friday, June 2nd!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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