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‘Wonder Woman’ Review

Super Hero Girls rock!

The highly anticipated and long overdue “Wonder Woman” hit theaters this weekend and stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

Gadot plays Diana, princess of the Amazons who is also half-goddess, but she doesn’t know that. She’s raised on the island of Themyscira, an island exclusively inhabited by women (good lawd!). So, she’s never seen a man before, until pilot Steve Trevor crashes near the island. Trevor tells her why he crashed and what’s going on in the real world, prompting Diana to leave the island and travel there to help him.

The DCEU (DC Extended Universe) had a lot riding on this movie because many felt that “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad” were average at best and the franchise was in danger of being marooned on Lame Island.

So, what did “Wonder Woman” do? It carried the franchise on its back and ran 100 yards to the finish line.

This movie saved the DCEU like a true hero! Gadot played the hell outta Wonder Woman.

Her role called for Diana to be strong yet naïve, caring but aggressive. After all, she is a fierce warrior with a take-no-prisoner attitude then sees society for the first time. Her naivete is what makes her vulnerable and as you watch her innocence it reminds you of how you were as a child growing up and discovering that things your parents shielded you from is a harsh eye-opener to reality. Her acting along with the physicality of her role is remarkable.

Chris Pine was the perfect counterpart to Gadot. This dude has impeccable comedic timing. They play off of each other almost like a comedy team, and when it’s time for him to be serious, he gives you the emotions of a guy that has seen much despair but holds on to a glimmer of hope that maybe he can make a difference. Both characters have inner conflict; their character arcs are amazing.

Of course this is a summer blockbuster so there is plenty of action, but Patty Patty Jenkins directs this so well that the storyline and dialogue is just as if not more ardent than the action itself.

“Wonder Woman” is one of the few superhero movies that has an intelligent plot and heartfelt subplot. Honestly, when the action dies down, the dialogue is so moving that you really don’t care if Diana isn’t whupping peoples’ a$$es and deflecting bullets…but she does, and she does it well! Her powers didn’t fully shine in “Batman v Superman” because it wasn’t her movie.

In this one, however, Wonder Woman is the dayum wo-man! Spectacular CGI coupled with outstanding fight scenes sends a clear message that if you pick a fight with her, you ‘bout to get yo’ a$$ beat. Not just the action, but the cinematography and wardrobe design are breathtaking. Themyscira is beautiful. It’s the kind of place you’d waste all your vacation days on.

The cast is culturally diverse as well. The partners to Diana and Steve come from different ethnic backgrounds as do the Amazon warriors. What this film isn’t afraid to do is address social inequality, and it’s done in an effective way. Yes, there are even some cringe-worthy moments regarding difficult issues, and I loved it.

“Wonder Woman” does have a couple of flaws, though. For me, the slow-motion action scenes are a bit much. At times, the movie suffers from Micheal Bay syndrome. All that slow-mo ain’t necessary. Also, there’s a scene in which Diana sees all this doom and gloom around her, and it’s supposed to be a defining moment, but that scene comes off as cheesy, like Cheesecake Factory cheesy. The action kind of makes up for it, but had that scene been tweaked a little more, it would have been the most inspirational part of the movie. That’s minor, however.

“Wonder Wonder” is as epic as the Seven Wonders of the World, and that’s word to Stevie…Wonder.

Most summer blockbusters are meant to be watched. “Wonder Woman” is meant to be felt. I consider this as the Mary J. Blige of summer films, because you gon’ feel this one! This is as inspiring as it is entertaining.

There have been female superhero movies in the past and I’m not discrediting their contributions, but unlike those movies, “Wonder Woman” stars an Israeli lead, has a multi-ethnic cast, tackles social ills, and is dope as shyt! I’m crushing on this movie the same way I crush on Nia Long.

Now, if it weren’t for the missteps I talked about earlier, I’ve give this a classic, BUT, I gotta be true to myself and you all, so I’m co-signing “Wonder Woman” to the fullest.

It’s a HIGH “Co-sign to the fullest”, though. Hey, please please please check this out in IMAX 3-D, but if you can’t, DEFINITELY go see it anyway. I need to book a flight to Themyscira ASAP. Any travel agents out there?


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