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The woman who put up $100,000 to bail R. Kelly out of jail is trying to get a refund now that the R&B singer is back behind bars awaiting trial.

A judge denied a bid by Valencia Love to get the $100,000 bond she put up for R. Kelly saying she has no legal basis to get the bail money back at this point.

In a four-page motion, attorney John Collins said Love was “unaware of any additional ongoing investigations” at the time she posted the bond.

Valencia also paid an additional $50,000 to R. Kelly’s back child support when he was locked up in March.

Now, she fears she’s “in jeopardy of losing that money.”

Her attorney argued it made no sense for the money to sit “in deposit” if Kelly is being held without bond in the two federal cases anyway.

“She’s a small business owner, and now she’s out that money,” he said.

Sis should have kept her money in her bank account to begin with.

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