Woman Punched By 50 Cent Is Planning To Sue

50 Cent Punch Victim Planning To Sue

This news won’t come as a surprise to anyone…

The overzealous woman 50 Cent punched in the chest at his recent Baltimore concert is planning to sue the rapper and everybody else.

Via TMZ:

Donnetta Derr has a law firm behind her that will sue 50 early next week. She’ll also sue The Lox, with whom Fiddy performed, and the venue, Baltimore Soundstage.

TMZ broke the story … 50 was performing last week when the woman grabbed his arm and pulled him off stage. 50 retaliated with a vicious punch.

Donnetta later went onstage and twerked … leading people to believe the beef was squashed … nope.

Attorney Warren Brown tells us Donnetta went to the hospital the next day and hired him Monday.

Brown calls 50’s conduct “cowardly.”

Despite hopping on stage and shaking it like a salt shaker after the incident, I bet she’ll still get a coin or two because 50 Cent doesn’t fare well in lawsuit.

Your thoughts?

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