A woman who has the same name as R. Kelly‘s sister has been harassed and threatened online to the point where she fears for her life.

Theresa Kelly, a longtime reader and supporter of Ice Cream Convos, said her life has become a “living hell” and she’s “scared for her life” after receiving multiple death threats on social media.

Theresa Kelly

Apparently, R. Kelly fans are attacking Theresa after the singer’s brother, Carey Kelly, detailed the sexual abuse they [allegedly] suffered at the hands of their older sister.



Surviving R. Kelly” coupled with Cary’s interview has fans outraged at R. Kelly’s predatory older sister. Unfortunately, they are attacking the WRONG woman.

Theresa tells Ice Cream Convos:

This story made my life a living hell and I am scared for my life because my name Theresa Kelly.

They are harassing, disrespecting, bullying, and threatening my life on Instagram. it’s getting out of control!

I may need to call the police. This is horrible and crazy and it’s these young people tagging me on Instagram saying if it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t be like that.

I am scared for my life I don’t know R. Kelly or his sister. All I know is his music. I’ve never been to Chicago in my life.

Instead of tagging each other to go and vote for their representatives, Congressman, presidents, and state elections, they’d rather tag somebody to threaten harm to them.

I may need to call the police. I am scared for my life. this is becoming a nightmare.

This is a terrible situation for the people directly involved in R. Kelly’s mess as well as the innocent people who are dragged into the mess.

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