2 Chainz Chistine Chisolm lawsuit is that yo thot


Here’s a prime example of when being a groupie goes wrong!

Christine Chisholm, the woman who unintentionally became the star of 2 Chainz‘s viral backstage video, “Is This Yo Thot,” has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the rapper.

Ms. Chisholm claims two weeks after the video was posted and viewed by over 10 million people, she was fired from her job at a barbershop because the manager didn’t want any negative publicity at his place of business.

She also added that being called a “thot” has subjected her to harassment, public abuse, and her reputation has been tarnished.

The March 20, 2014 video shows Christine completely pressed to gain backstage access claiming rapper Cap 1 had invited her. Once she got in, 2 Chainz began asking his entourage, “Is this yo thot?” (“That Hoe Over There”)

2 Chainz repeatedly referred to Christine as a “thot” to her face and she appeared to be totally unscathed.

She even took a moment to tell the rapper what a great job he did during his performance.

Does this look like someone who was offended by being referred to as a “thot?”


2 Chainz Chistine Chisholm lawsuit is that yo thot


Please note, Christine was fully aware that she was being recorded and 2 Chainz informed her that it would be posted for the world to see…and she STILL STAYED!

To add insult to injury, Christine Chisholm had to be asked to leave. She looked totally disappointed as she exited.

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