Lisa Greenwood fired racist tweet Michelle Obama
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Woman Fired For Racist Tweet About First Lady Michelle Obama

Y’all gone learn today! 

A Michigan woman is looking for a new gig after she was fired from her job over an ignorant racist tweet about First Lady Michelle Obama.

Following Michelle Obama’s incredible speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Lisa Greenwood caught a case of racist Twitter fingers and tweeted, “@FLOTUS beautiful?? Seriously she is an ugly black b**ch.”

After a few keystrokes in a Google search engine, Twitter users found the woman’s Facebook page which listed her employer as Home Point Financial.  Ms. Greenwood worked as a Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant at the company.

That’s when the Social Media Task Force went to work:

Racist Tweet Michelle Obama


In less than three hours after being notified of Lisa Greenwood’s racist tweet, Home Point Financial released a statement announcing her termination.



When Twitter users requested a review of all mortgage loans she may have denied, the company issued this response:


Home Point Financial


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