Rebecca Nielson was willing to fake going to her grave if that’s what would uncover her husband’s alleged affair.

The 44- year-old woman was arrested for criminal mischief and falsely reporting an emergency after she sent her husband, Shaun Dudley‘s alleged mistress a text message from his phone claiming he had shot and killed her.

The unidentified woman asked if she should contact the police and call an ambulance. The text responded, “Yes.”

After the 911 call came in, officers from the Saratoga Springs/Bluffdale police department, as well as the Herriman and the Unified Police Departments, responded to Dudley’s home.

Rebecca approached the officer’s with her husband’s phone and admitted she sent the texts because she thought he was cheating on her.

She also said she wanted to see if his alleged mistress would help him cover up the [fake] murder.

Homegirl is nuts!

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