Brittney Griner - Glory Johnson pregnant


Glory told Sports Illustrated the decision to miss the season wasn’t an easy one.

It has always been a dream of mine to start a family with someone I love. Being a professional athlete that plays year round, there is never a perfect time to get pregnant without putting my career on hold.

What wasn’t difficult was deciding who would carry their babies. Glory Johnson-Griner told the New York Times, “If Brittney carries the children, all hell would break loose. She would be the worst pregnant lady ever.”

Both Brittney Griner and Glory were suspended by the WNBA for seven games without pay for their domestic violence arrest three weeks before they got married. Glory plans to appeal the suspension because she says she was the victim.

If I’m being fought I’m not just gonna sit back…there’s probably a better way to handle it. But at the time…you’re just thinking of protecting yourself and doing what you need to do to stand up for yourself.

The WNBA definitely knew about it and that’s another reason it surprised me that they came up with the same conclusion. I’m not going to throw Brittney under the bus … and she’s not going to throw me under the bus…but what the WNBA did not say in the statements they released was that I pled not guilty … So for them to release a statement saying that we were both guilty in the situation, it’s not right. It’s not correct…Brittney pled guilty…Brittney understands why I pled not guilty, and I understand why she pled guilty…she was even willing to speak to whoever she needed to, to get the point across.

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