Willow Smith - Teen Vogue- May 2016

Willow Smith Covers Teen Vogue

Willow Smith is gracing the cover of Teen Vogue’s May 2016 issue.

Inside the Global Issue, the 15-year-old singer, actress, and young fashion icon talks about everything from her unique individual style to her special connection with her brother Jaden Smith.

Read a few excerpts below.

On Jaden:

We’re like binary stars, like two parts of one thing. I know what he’s thinking at all times. And he knows what I’m thinking. We’re not identical twins, but it feels like that in a lot of ways.

On who she is:

“I see myself as a—hold on, let me ask Siri.” The teenager whips out her iPhone and speaks into it, drawing stares from tables nearby. “Siri, define artisan.” Everybody’s favorite robotic voice serves up a satisfying definition: Artisan is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. “Ah, OK, yes!” Willow allows. “I call myself an artisan.”

On being named the brand ambassadress of Chanel:

Being a young African-American woman with dreads, it blows my mind that I’m a Chanel ambassador. Like, how am I a Chanel ambassador? It is so beautiful. I’m coming into a new part of my life that is completely unknown, and I’m jumping right in. All I can do from here is continue to shift paradigms and continue to push the envelope further and further. But I am doing it every day just by being myself.

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