Willie Taylor's Wife Shanda Denyce Asks His Side Chick To 'Please' Leave Her Alone

It’s bad enough to find out your husband has been unfaithful. But, it’s just insult to injury when his alleged side chick won’t leave you alone.

Willie Taylor‘s wife, Shanda Denyce, has taken to social media to demand that his ex-mistress Kyesha Shalina leave her alone!

During an interview on WGCI 107.5, Kyesha claimed she never knew Willie was married and she says Shanda already¬†knew about. Kyesha¬†blames the editing magic at VH1 for making her look crazy on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

She also said Shanda and Willie cheat on each other on the regular.

Watch the interview below.



Shanda Denyce is tired of going back and forth with Kyesha.

In a post on her Instagram page, she said her issue is with her husband and that’s who she will deal with. Shanda wants Kyesha leave her out of her mess with Willie.

No matter what the F**k! This is who I have the problem with everyone else just wants ? we’re still the parents of 2 important pieces to my heart so I act accordingly. I don’t get why anyone else feels as if they matter! ….. Like stop…. Give it up ….. I’ll deal with him but not you. AND STOP TAGGING ME …. I don’t know her!!!! Period damn I can’t torture his ass in peace ?? #leavemethef*ckalonedamn #talkaboutWillienotme. Pleeaaaasssseeee I just wanna be left alone by her Please

What are your thoughts on this messy mess?

Fun Fact: Kyesha Shalina is Larenz Tate‘s cousin.

Kyesha Shalina Larenz Tate cousin