Will Smith Talks Bad Boys 3 - Janet Hubert - Jaden Smith Wearing Women's Clothes

Will Smith Talks Movies, Parenting, And Janet Hubert With A. Dot

Will Smith recently sat down with BBC Radio’s A. Dot for a very short and sweet scoop-filled interview.

Among the topics discussed was how he prepared for his role in Concussion. Will stated he spent a lot of time with Dr. Bennett Omalu.

When asked why he wasn’t a part of the Independence Day reboot, Will blamed his hectic filming schedule. He said had to choose between Independence Day: Resurgence and Suicide Squad. That one was a no-brainer.

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The good news is the A-list actor confirmed he will be making another Bad Boys movie with his partner-in-fighting-crime, Martin Lawrence.

I saw Martin a few weeks ago…and I hadn’t seen him for about two years and we just looked at each other and we hugged and in that moment we both knew we were making another Bad Boys.

Now, on to the question everyone has been wondering…what does Will Smith think about his son, Jaden Smith, wearing women’s clothes?

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Here’s what he had to say:

There’s a really powerful internal quality as an artist that as parents we encourage. You gotta get out on the edge. You have to try things. You have to be comfortable doing things that people don’t agree with and you have to be comfortable doing things that you could fail.

Jaden is 100% fearless. He will do anything. As a parent it’s scary. It’s really terrifying, but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions. And he just doesn’t concern himself with what people think.

Will also took a very high road when asked which Aunt Viv did he like best.

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He took that moment to praise Janet Hubert, despite her disdain for him.

I think that both of the Aunt Vivs were really, really fantastic. I think when you make a show, anytime you make a change it’s going to be excruciating and painful. I think that Janet Hubert brought a really powerful dignity to the show. I think she’s brilliant. As an artist, there are so many things that she does. She sings, she dances, she’s like a really powerful artist. I loved what she brought to ‘The Fresh Prince.’

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