Will Smith Opens Up About 'Failing Miserably' In His Marriage


Yesterday, I excitedly reported Will Smith will be a special guest on season 2 of “Red Table Talk.”

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Well, buckle up because the 50-year-old rapper and actor is being as transparent as Saran Wrap especially when he opens up about the period of time when he says he was “failing miserably” in his marriage.

There was a period where mommy woke up and cried for forty-five days straight.

I started keeping a diary.

It was every morning.

I think that’s the worst I ever felt in our marriage. I was failing miserably.

Jada interjected, “You missed some days.”

Watch the clip below.




Now, I believe there was some truth to all of those rumors that were circulating claiming their marriage was in shambles.

This is going to be an interesting episode.

“Red Table Talk” season 2 premieres on October 22.

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