Will Smith on Collateral Beauty losing his father

Will Smith recently opened up about how his new film, Collateral Beauty, helped him cope with losing his father during an appearance on the “Ellen Show.”

The 48-year-old actor’s father, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr., passed away on November 7.

Will told Ellen:

What was really interesting is I got the screenplay when my father was diagnosed.

I have this screenplay and I’m doing all of this research about a guy who experiences death at the time that my father was given six week [to live].

Will lightened the mood by sharing a funny moment with his father.

My father lived for 4 months beyond that point…they gave him 6 weeks. And what happened is every day became so beautiful beyond the 6 weeks.

Then, we were sitting one day and it was at about 3 months and he was saying, ‘Man, this crap is embarrassing!’ I said, ‘What dad?’ He said, ‘You tell everybody you gone die in 6 weeks and 3 months later…”

Will Smith went on to explain the beautiful journey he experienced during his father’s last days:

He passed about a month ago. But, it was so beautiful to have the opportunity and to share this and to go and not hide from it. We were looking and we were talking and sharing everything, so this film for me is the most personal and beautiful journey.

When art and life comes together in that way and when you create something that could potentially help people get through difficult times, it’s fantastic. I hope you all see it, and I hope you love it, and anybody who needs it, I hope it really is able to do for you what it has for my father and I.

Watch the moving clip below.


Collateral Beauty opens in theaters on December 16.