I thought it was common knowledge that Roseanne Barr ain’t the one!

The comedian and actress stopped by the “Wendy Show” on Wednesday to promote her “Roseanne” reboot.

During their convo, Wendy went for messy when she asked Roseanne how she felt about her ex-husband, Tom Arnold, being tapped by the Hollywood Reporter to write a review of her show.

Clearly, Roseanne didn’t come there to talk about Tom, but Wendy kept pressing it and ended up getting her wig snatched when Ms. Barr said:

I don’t like talking about husbands….right, Wendy?!

You may recall there was some pretty interesting headlines about Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, living a double life with another woman.

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It was a “Hot Topic” the talk show host definitely didn’t want to discuss at length.

Watch the clip below.

Gotta love Roseanne!

Did you watch the reboot?