Two men were caught on tape bangin like they were in Little Rock on a flight headed from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

According to CNN, the fight popped off as passengers were settling into their seats before embarking on an 11-hour flight across the world.

“No one provoked him — he was cool up until a few minutes before he started hitting the guy,” passenger Corey Hour, who videotaped the confrontation, told CNN. “He started verbally abusing and intimidating people. Nothing triggered him, it just happened.”

The “air rage” episode occurred Monday night on All Nippon Airways (ANA) Flight NH6 from suburban Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to LAX.

Hour, from Phoenix, Arizona, used his phone to capture the moment a man in a red Hawaiian shirt began punching another passenger on board the plane before it departed.

“The airline staff did what they could to defuse the situation, and they reacted appropriately,” Hour told CNN.

“There were children everywhere, you can hear in the video them crying.”

Hour said that after the initial encounter, the man in the red shirt “walked away but then came back and started hitting the guy again. That’s when I stopped filming and confronted him.”

“I was the one who stepped in. He backed down, I squared up with him and he wouldn’t confront me,” Hour said.
Hour told CNN the man was then escorted off the aircraft by airline personnel.

See the shocking video below:

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I’m going to chill in the cut and see what kind of charges are going to come out of this tomfoolery cause had the passengers been black…

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