Mo’Nique Explains Why She Called Whoopi Goldberg ‘The Help’

Whoopi Goldberg Told Mo'Nique Her Husband Is The 'Problem'


One thing you can always count on when it comes to Whoopi Goldberg is some real talk – whether you agree with what she has to say or not.

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In her recent Periscope, Mo’Nique revealed after their on-air convo, Whoopi kept it 100 and told her she believes her husband, Sidney Hicks, is her real problem.

Mo shared:

We we got to her dressing room and we were sitting down, this is what she said to me: ‘Listen, I don’t get involved in this intervention sh-t that ain’t what I do. But, from the first time I saw you I loved you. So, I’m gonna tell you right now. You gotta take some of this responsibility. The real problem is, Mo’Nique you’re being ill-advised, you’re not thinking for yourself and the real problem is your husband.’

Watch the clip below.



Does Whoopi have a point? Your thoughts?