Milan Christopher wrote:

#Message I wish you dumb mfs stay the f**k off my page and get your facts straight. It’s not my fault Miles fraud a** lied to amber, for 10 plus years. Some 1 he allegedly was in love with at 1 point and some1 he allegedly calls his bestfriend, and lied to me for 2 1/2 years some1 he allegedly was in love with and some1 who was *supposed* to be his 1st and last male experience. Which I Def know is A MF f**king lie. While mfs all on his page calling him strong and tap dancing with the pity party for coming out for a check & fame on reality tv. Like who the f**k wouldn’t. No what’s strong is being who you are regardless in face of adversity no matter what the outcome maybe and not for fame or a MF check and still breaking barriers. Now the Only one who lost out in this bs was me. I should have been smart enough to know, if a confused a** scary a** n***a would live a lie, lie to his *girl* , lie to his family, lie to me , lie to the world for that long. Why would I think he would do anything other then be a complete lien a** wack sauce a** n***a to me or in our relationship. I actually like @amberrlaura what I don’t like is watching a MF liar continue to manipulate mfs to think he was doing things for the good of the LGBT community and for the sake of Amber and myself when everything he was doing since he signed the contract was all self motivated. Coward a** n***a! Now let’s get to the MF Facts around this b**ch! Hate me or love me, I’m gonna give it to you straight no MF filter every single time! ? now I could say a lot more really A WHOLE LOT MORE but this is it for now! ? | #MilanChristopher #BeYou

Say it witcho chest, Milan!

I’m sure the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion show is going to be lit.

Your thoughts?