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White House Says Donald Trump Joked About Police Roughing Up Suspects

A White House spokesperson is now claiming Donald Trump was joking when he told a officers from the Suffolk County Police Department to rough up suspects while arresting them.

In case you missed the deplorable moment:


Via CNN:

“I believe he was making a joke at the time,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters when asked if Trump had a response to the critiques.

Before Sanders’ comments White House officials had declined to say if they had a response to multiple police departments criticizing Trump’s law-and-order speech in New York.

Trump, speaking before officers from Suffolk County Police Department in New York on efforts to combat the gang MS-13, urged officers Friday to be “rough” on suspects, as many officers standing behind the President cheered and clapped.

“I have nothing to add to this,” a White House official said Monday when asked about the speech and the criticism Trump received, declining to go on the record.

Oh, so now police brutality is a joke?!

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