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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: ‘Good Times’ Star Johnny Brown

Remember Johnny Brown, who starred as Nathan Bookman on “Good Times?” Get the scoop on him and see what he looks like now!

Good Times” is still one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, so I do my very best to keep up with the surviving members of the show just to know they’re okay.

Remember Johnny Brown, who starred on the show as Nathan Bookman aka “Buffalo Butt,” the Evans’ trifling-yet-lovable superintendent?

Johnny Brown - Good Times

Well, the singer and comedic actor recently celebrated his 82nd birthday on June 11 and he’s doing just fine.

Johnny was recently spotted at the Hollywood Show signing autographs for fans of “Good Times.”

Johnny Brown 2019
Credit: @HollywoodShow1

Bookman is still looking good!

It’s great to know he’s doing well.

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