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Angie Stone Spills Tea On Usher’s Herpes Case

Chile…just when Usher‘s herpes drama started to lay dormant, Angie Stone took to the Atlanta airwaves to spill more tea on the situation.

The R&B diva, who now has her own radio show, detailed what she knows about the “Jane Doe,” who filed a $20 million lawsuit against the R&B superstar claiming he knowingly infected her with herpes.

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According to Angie, it was the woman’s old publicist who got access to private text messages between “Jane” and Usher where they were discussing the virus. The publicist then tried to sell the info to the highest bidder.

Angie goes on to say “Jane” had no choice but to go public to stop the publicist from making a come up off of her private and personal business Usher.

Watch as Angie explains below.


Who knew Angie was so messy? Do you believe her version of the story?

Better question…Do we even care?!

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