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Damon Dash blocks his daughter on Instagram.

Days after an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to pay his ex-wife $340K, Damon Dash took to his Instagram account to air Rachel Roy out…again.

Using a photo of himself, Rachel, and their son Lucky, Damon blasted his ex and the mother of his children for a number of things which included trying to have him thrown in jail after he gave her $120K to buy a house.

What kind of woman would try to put the father of their son Who just gave them 120 grand for a house outside of child support so his son would live the right way in jail over 23 grand and why is donell Suarez representing both of my baby mothers …Why would she take me to court for 23 grand after I just gave her a 120 and then try’s to put me in jail… Does this add up?…. Maybe someone that’s close to her should ask her honestly what she is doing and why she would do this to Lucky’s father over money knowing what kind of good dad that he is…why does money make people hurt kids?…this has to stop…good fathers shouldn’t go though this just for money….it’s so dark…and it only hurts the kids…somebody from the press please ask Cindy and donell Suarez why they would try to put me in jail even though I just gave her all that money and why she would wAnt me in jail over it…and how much donell will be getting paid for representing both my babymothers.,.what his strategic plan is ask Cindy if I’m a good generous dad and how she can put her personal agenda before her own child…how she can hurt her child for money… I’m gonna fight to raise my kid even if I have to go to jail…its for them not me ….something doesn’t smell right please some credible news paper do an investigation I’ve been getting extorted by my baby moms by donell Suarez for years…I’m supposed to be broke but I’ve been paying 10 grand a month in child support and if I miss a payment you see they will throw me in jail…please do the math… #mainlandmentality

Damon’s 15-year-old daughter, Ava Dash, is tired of her father’s shenanigans and she responded to his post by asking, “What kind of father would embarrass his daughter and her mother like this on social media?” She added, “You brought this upon yourself…please stop playing victim.”

Out of the mouths of babes, right? Welp. Dame wasn’t trying to hear it because he deleted Ava’s comments and blocked her.


Damon Dash blocks Ava Dash on Instagram


Ava Dash shared a screenshot proving her father had blocked her with the caption, “When your dad says he loves you but then blocks you from his page & erases your comments bc of your opinion /:”

Damon Dash is a piece of work. It’s not very hard to figure out how he’s tainted so many personal and business relationships he’s had.

Hopefully, Jesus can massage all of that anger and arrogance coursing through his bloodstream.

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