Shante Needham, said her sister had called her from jail Saturday afternoon, telling her that she’d been arrested, but didn’t know why. She also said an officer had placed his knee in her back and she thought her arm had been broken.

“She was very aggravated. She seemed to be in pain. She really felt that her arm had been fractured,” Needham said, holding back tears. “I told her I would work on getting her out.”

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith told ABC 7 “jailers saw Bland at 7 a.m. Monday when they gave her breakfast and again at 8 a.m. when they spoke with her over the jail intercom.”

Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell at 9 a.m. after she allegedly hanged herself with a trash bag.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis said an autopsy found Bland died by asphyxiation and that she used a plastic bag to hang herself from a partition in her cell. He also said that although jail video didn’t show what went on in Bland’s cell, it showed no one went in or out of it from the time she was placed there until a jailer found her unconscious.

So, we are supposed to believe a woman who just moved to start a brand new career and who had an arm injured by police, hanged herself with plastic bag in her cell…after having breakfast?

Get all the way the hell out of here!

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards cited the Waller County jail three years ago for improperly monitoring prisoners. The state agency found the jail was not checking all inmates at least once an hour, as required by law.

It inspected the jail after a man hanged himself with a bedsheet in November 2012. Ironically, he too, was arrested for assault on a public servant.

To add insult to injury, investigators have dug up on old Facebook video from March where Sandra said she was dealing with depression. “I want you guys to know it’s a daily struggle. It’s a daily test. Depression is nothing but the devil. It’s a way of mind and it’s a way of thinking,” she shared.

The FBI has joined the Texas Rangers in investigating the circumstances surrounding Sandra Bland’s death.


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