Wendy Williams’ Son Walks In On Her Giving Her Husband A “Favor”

Wendy Williams recently stopped by “Conan” and said a mouthful! (pun intended)

While discussing what kind of parent she is to her 15-year-old son, Kevin Jr., the award-winning talk show host and part-time stand-up comedian explained that her house has a no closed doors policy.

Unfortunately, that policy resulted in her son walking in on her servicing his father at 2’o clock in the morning.

While most moms would have died on the spot from the horror and embarrassment, Wendy confessed she continued to handle her business despite the unexpected intrusion.

Wendy Williams said there hasn’t been a discussion about what her son saw, but the following day he skipped giving her a kiss and opted for a hug.

I would be dead to the floor if my son ever walked in on me handling my business.

Your thoughts?