After an extended leave, Wendy Williams returned to her daytime talk show on Monday and sis was refreshed and ready!

The Queen of daytime talk has taken a few weeks off to deal with her health as well as some pretty juicy hot topics about her marriage.

Well, upon her return, Wendy updated her fans on her health and at the close of her “Hot Topics” segment, she slightly addressed the rumors about her marriage to Kevin Hunter, who is allegedly expecting a child with another woman.

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Wendy Williams told the audience and viewers:

I want to shout out my husband. I’m still wearing my ring.

Believe me you…when you’ve been with someone for 28 years…married for 25 years…

When we got married, we waited like 4 years before doing the baby project and stuff – so we know each other. He’s my best friend, he’s my lover – he’s all this and all that.

I know what you’ve been seeing and I know what the streets have been talking about.

But, hunty…let me show you who I fell in love with and who he fell in love with.

I am still very much in love with my husband and anybody who’s been married five minutes or five hundred years you know – marriages have ebbs and flows, marriages are not easy, don’t ask me about mine until you see this gone! (points to wedding ring)

And it ain’t going anywhere – not in this lifetime!

Here’s a clip courtesy of The Jasmine Brand:



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