Wendy Williams Issues A Tearful Apology For Victim-Blaming Nelly's Accuser (Video)

Wendy Williams Issues Tearful Apology For Victim Blaming

Wendy Williams issued a tearful apology for remarks she made about Nelly‘s accuser on her show.

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While reported on the rapper’s arrest over the weekend on suspicion of second-degree rape, Wendy laughed through the entire hot topic until she blamed the alleged victim for putting herself in that situation.

Apparently, in this second party, allegedly…Nelly forced himself on her and didn’t use a condom. Well, you know as a girl you don’t know what that feeling is like…use or not use…all I’m saying is she saying he didn’t use.

She’s also claiming that they kicked her off the tour bus afterwards and threw $100 at her.

You know what? If she hadn’t put her self in that situation this would not of happened…allegedly.

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After getting dragged on social media, Wendy issued an apology on Tuesday’s show and broke down crying as she recalled being a 13-year-old, who was built like a grown woman and her encounters with disgusting men.

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Do you believe Wendy’s apology was sincere?