REPORT: Wendy Williams’ Beloved Hairstylist Antwon L. Jackson Passes Away

Antwon L Jackson passes away


Antwon L. Jackson

On Monday, multiple reports surfaced stating Wendy Williams‘ beloved Emmy Award-winning hairstylist, Antwon L. Jackson, had passed away.

I was waiting for an official word before I reported the story because we all know how the internet can be.

However, early Tuesday morning, celebrity stylist Misa Hylton took to social media to bid farewell to her dear friend.


Antwon L Jackson passes away


No cause of death has been released. As you can imagine the news of Antwon’s passing has devastated his longtime fans.

He was 44-years-young.


Antwon Jackson - Wendy Williams


Rest in paradise, Antwon.


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