Wendy Williams Breaks Down As She Discusses The Boy Who Bullied Her Throughout School


Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of being bullied in school.

Wendy Williams broke down momentarily during her Hot Topics segment on Friday when she recalled her days of being bullied by a boy at school.

She began by talking about Viola Davis‘ recent confession of how she accepts friend requests from her old bullies on Facebook, then cyber-stalks them to see if they grew up to be failures.

That’s when Wendy opened up about the boy who bullied her from 1st grade to her senior year in high school. “He made a song about me and I’m not going to cry, but I fee like it inside,” she admitted.

The 52-year-old talk show host said she wouldn’t dare get on social media and let him know how badly he hurt her.

Wendy Williams tried to put on a brave face to sing the song he teased her with, she broke down in tears.

Watch the clip above.

Unfortunately, some folks weren’t moved by Wendy’s emotional moment.

One commenter wrote, “Isn’t it ironic how #wendywilliams gets so emotional about childhood bullies yet she makes a living bullying adults. #girlbye #hurtpeoplehurtothers”

Watch the clip below of Viola Davis talking about her bullies.




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