Wendy Williams Addresses Husband's Affair Rumors

Wendy Williams Addresses Husband’s Cheating Rumors

As expected, Wendy Williams addressed the detailed report that claims her husband of 20 years, Kevin Hunter, has been carrying on a 10-year affair.

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Struggling to look unbothered, the talk show host didn’t lollygag and got straight to it as she said:

It’s weird doing ‘Hot Topics’ and being a hot topic.

In a weird kinda way, Norman…I love the attention. But, it wasn’t a plant.

It’s some sorta weird story going around the internet regarding my husband. Now look, I’m a straight shooter – pow pow. All you gotta do is google him and you’ll see the story.

You can believe what you want, but…(holds up wedding ring)…okay!

I stand by my guy, we commuted this morning. The papparazzi was outside….

All is well in Hunterville. Don’t believe the hype and if there was hype – believe me you…I would let you know.

By the way….I’ll be following this story. So, I guess I have to watch to find out what happens.

Watch below. (Swipe embed for more)


Whatever works for y’all, sis.

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