Monyetta Shaw On Why Ne-Yo’s Children Didn’t Attend His Wedding

Ne-Yo’s ex, Monyetta Shaw drew heavy criticism when she and the two children she shares with the singer, Madilyn Grace, 5, and son Mason Evan, 4, did not attend his wedding.

Crystal Renay posted a photo saying she was “missing her babies” on her wedding day.


In a post on her IG page, Monyetta explained that the children missed their father’s wedding due to school visits and observations that had been scheduled since December.

Unfortunately, they could not be rescheduled and her children are always her first priority.


Monyetta Shaw


It’s terrible that Monyetta felt she had to defend herself and her decisions to the public. If the children’s appointment was made in December, Ne-Yo was fully aware of the scheduling conflict.

I’m sure they will all work together in the best interest of the kids.

Congratulations to Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay.

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