Gynnya McMillen

16-Year-Old Gynnya McMillen Dies After Being In Police Custody Less Than 24 Hours

On January 11, 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen was found unresponsive in a cell at the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A week later, her family still doesn’t know what happened to her.

Hardin County Coroner William Lee, Jr. said in an interview Monday that in an initial autopsy on January 12, he saw no outward signs, such as “visual bruising,” that could conclusively signal a cause of death. Lee also said it was unlikely she had a heart condition.

He added that it would be weeks before the official autopsy results would come back.

Via Shaun King For The NY Daily News:

Speaking anonymously to the Daily News, a former employee of the juvenile justice center stated that McMillen had just entered the facility less than 24 hours before she died. A local police spokesperson confirmed this. The former employee stated that if McMillen died in a holding cell, something would be seriously wrong. Holding cells all have cameras and the children being held in them, according to the former employee, are supposed to be looked at in 15-minute increments to guarantee their well-being. Furthermore, it is not normal for children to be held in holding cells overnight.

Lastly, if McMillen was being checked on every 15 minutes, it’s highly unlikely she went from being alive and well to being so dead she didn’t need to go to the hospital in that short period of time.

To be frank, we are all justified in being skeptical about the circumstances of in-custody deaths. If any type of foul play or negligence lead to the death of Gynnya McMillen, it is highly doubtful that those who were negligent or even criminal in their actions are going to voluntarily be forthcoming about it. An enormous amount of trust, over the years, has been given to law enforcement, such that the practice of believing their first version of events became rather standard.

A “Justice for Gynnya McMillen” Facebook page was created by a relative to bring awareness to this case as the family continues to demand answers as to what really happened to Gynnya.

On January 22, they are asking that everyone wears all black and snaps a photo holding a sign that says #JusticeForGynnya.


Justice for Gynnya


If you participate, please email us the photo and we will share it on our Facebook page as well.

We need answers!

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