Will Smith is quite the daredevil and he took his thrill-seeking to new heights when he bungee jumped out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday.

It all began when the YouTube group, Yes Theory, dared the star to do it and you know Willard is not passing up a good dare!

But, the jump wasn’t all fun and games, Will used the jump to help promote awareness for Global Citizen’s education efforts.


Will Smith bungee jump over Grand Canyon - Jada Pinkett Smith-Willow Smith-Jaden Smith- Trey Smith


The Smith squad was on hand for his big adventure, which was also live-streamed on YouTube.

Watch Will Smith bungee jump over the Grand Canyon below.



After the jump, Will gushed about how spectacular the jump was and noted that he would do it again.

Nothing. Nothing will ever be scarier than that. It goes from complete, absolute terror to the most magnificent bliss you’ve ever felt in your life.

And I don’t know what it is, when the cord works – first of all, you happy the cord worked, right. Then it’s like the whole Grand Canyon is mine.

I’m just kinda hanging there and the choppers far away – you’re not really hearing it – it’s like just bliss and it’s like nobody will ever have that view. It’s like me and the Grand Canyon, it’s like that combination. It’s almost like you need terror to experience the bliss.

Wow! Happy Birthday!

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