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Freshly fired “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Vivica Fox stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show” looking absolutely snatched and fabulous.

During her visit, Viv explained why she appeared to have thrown in the towel on Monday night saying, “Well, I gave up for the simple fact that I knew the last task was going to be a fundraising task and I had watch Geraldo and Leeza Gibbons bring in some big checks!”

Of course, the convo eventually shifted to Kenyagate and Wendy asked Vivica Fox how she felt about Kenya Moore comparing her face to Maleficent.

Vivica clapped back by saying, “I just need to say this…if this (circles her face with her finger) reminds you of Maleficent…it made $700 million worldwide starring Angelina Jolie, who is married to Brad Pitt. So, thanks for the comparison, boo.”

Watch Vivica Fox‘s full interview below.