'The Redemption Project With Van Jones

This Sunday (April 28), Van Jones‘ new series that explores the transformative power of grace and redemption will premiere on CNN.

The Redemption Project with Van Jones” offers a rare glimpse into the restorative justice process.

Each episode will follow the victim or surviving family members of a life-altering crime as they journey to meet face-to-face with their offender in the hopes of finding answers or some sense of healing.

Van Jones will serve as a guide for the viewer throughout this powerful and transformational experience which is a true testament to our capacity for healing and grace.

In an editorial for CNN, Van wrote:

During the filming of my new CNN show, “The Redemption Project,” I witnessed a different response to violent crime — one that brings together survivors and those who committed a crime to seek accountability and answers they may not have gotten in the courtroom.

I saw survivors of violence and loss agree to meet face-to-face and talk with those who hurt them or their family members. Meanwhile, those who had made terrible decisions sat down to hear directly from those whose lives they had derailed or destroyed.

These carefully structured dialogues are a key part of the restorative justice process. Where our criminal justice system focuses on the punishment of the individual responsible for the crime, restorative justice seeks to heal the whole community and all parties involved.

Watch a first look below.



I’ll be tuned in this Sunday at 9 pm/EST. How about you?

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