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'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Teaser Trailer

Wassup, y’all! Now that things are back to normal after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, Peter Parker is going on a snap-less vacation this time, expanding his New York state of mind by leaving the Big Apple for some baicoli and fish n’ chips.

Spider-Man: Far from Home” stars Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Marisa Tomei, and Zendaya.

Peter and his fellow students go on a class trip to Europe. All Pete wants to do is have fun with his friends and do regular teenage stuff. But oh no, there’s no such thing as regular in the MCU, and no sooner does Peter’s plane land than trouble arises in the form of Elementals, creatures formed from the four elements of the earth ready to cause destruction.

To make matters worse, Spider-man has zero help…or does he? Whaaaaat?? Mysterio! You mean to tell me a comic-book enemy of Spidey is now a good guy coming to his aid? This I had to see, and so do you!

Far from Home” has the same feel of “Shazam”; a fun summer movie that kids and adults will enjoy. That’s not to say that there are some flaws but I’ll get into that later.

Let’s talk about Gyllenhaal and his portrayal of Mysterio. If you’re not familiar with this character, he is traditionally a nemesis of Spider-Man and a master of illusion. Criss Angel and David Copperfield wish they had this guy’s magical abilities. Gyllenhaal as Mysterio does this character supreme justice. His personality fits like a pair of Jordan 1’s and the character itself is so innovative as it relates to the big screen. He’s one of the characters you’ve always wanted to see but never thought it would be possible.

The supporting cast gets a lot of camera time. The first half of this film could be viewed as an episode of “Saved by the Bell”. The storylines are funny and they develop characters extremely well. Seeing JB Smoove run around frantically with a bunch of high school kids while cracking jokes – classic. Peter has a more compelling arc in “Far from Home” that’s just as captivating as seeing him swinging from webs. He’s faced with tough challenges, both physical and emotional. These are the things that change boys to men. 

One time for the plot, but two times for the CGI! Maaaan listen, the special effects department deserve raises. Mysterio’s comic-book abilities pale in comparison to this movie. Peter looks like he feels more comfortable with his powers by the feats he accomplishes in this sequel.

Watching the computer-generated images in “Far from Home” is like taking a swim on a hot summer day. Of course, you get unexpected showers on a hot summer day, and it rains in this movie, too. There is too much comedy. Marvel Studios always does this. They saturate Superhero films with corny one-liners and unnecessary funny moments. Superheroes aren’t comedians and these movies don’t always have to rely on heavily comedic scenes. Honestly, I like DC films better because they deal with the human side of the protagonist and antagonist much better. There can be a dramatic and comedic balance but they’ve yet to figure this out.

Also, there’s a particular twist that could’ve been written to be more entertaining. I was a little furious (hint, hint). People going in hoping for a movie better than “Endgame” might be disappointed but “Spider-Man: Far from Home” doesn’t need to be better. It just needs to be the best “Spider-Man” movie it can be.

It is this generation’s Spider-Man and I’m happy Marvel is evolving Peter and his friends. I’m co-signing “Spider-Man: Far from Home” to the fullest! Stay seated for some shocking mid and after-credit scenes, and it’s always fun seeing it in IMAX. Spider-Man is far from home, but your theater is close so check this out! 

Watch The Trailer:

Spider-Man: Far From Home” is now playing in theaters!

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