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WATCH: Sammie Addresses Depression & Suicide In His ‘Face To Face’ Video

R&B crooner Sammie releases the official music video for his new single, “Face To Face,” and addresses depression and suicide. Watch now.


Sammie has released a new visual for his new tune, “Face to Face.”

The single, where Sammie harmonizes about his infidelity, is featured on the R&B crooner’s latest release, Everlasting.

In a post on his IG page, Sammie wrote:

This record was necessary. One of the most profound records I’ve written thus far.

When I wrote the lyric “I’ve been making lies, true for way too long, I’m even tired of me”…is when I knew I had to make some adjustments as a (k)ingdom man.

“Face To Face” video out now world, I desire a Million views & beyond. Check it out.

Check out the video, which addresses a very serious issue, below and let me know what you think.



Kudos to Sammie for using his platform to address mental health.

Your thoughts?

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