Salt-N-Pepa stopped by “The Real” on Wednesday, but Pepa wasn’t being real when asked about her married boo.

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Loni Love asked the iconic raptress about the rumors surrounding her relationship and Pep did everything but answer the question.

Acting extremely animated, Pepa said:

Oh girl, let me tell you….

We don’t have that much time right now, but trust me everybody in time everyone will know the deal about that. 

And waaaaaait for it!

Watch below.

Meanwhile Aundre Dean‘s wife revealed the reason why the separated in December is because he gave her the ultimatum – get an abortion or get a divorce.

She chose the baby.

A blind man can see Jordyn Taylor is better off without Aundre. I think she’s more hurt by the fact that Pepa was presented to her as a manager and “Auntie” rather than an alleged mistress.

Let we forget what Treach said about his ex.