Meek Mill on Ellen

Meek Mill recently stopped by “Ellen” to chop it up about his ridiculous experience with the justice system as well as his continued quest for prison reform.

The rapper, who is slated to drop his new album, Championships, on Friday, told Ellen that he often watched her show during his 5-month incarceration.

There’s not a lot of good things to watch on TV. They gave us like the basic channels so…I found myself watching ‘Ellen.’

It was CNN or it was ‘Ellen.’

Meek and Ellen also had a little backstage battle of ping-pong.

Ellen - Meek Mill ping-pong

Ellen admitted that Meek beat her, but she vowed to avenge her loss.

That’s when he told her, “You gotta go to jail to get as good as me in ping-pong.”

Watch the convo below.



Meek Mill’s new album, Championships, drops on November 30.


Meek Mill - Championships

Do you plan to scoop it?

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