Marlon Wayans - Richard Pryor audition tape - Omar Epps


As many of you may know, Marlon Wayans was set to portray Richard Pryor in the forthcoming biopic about the legendary comedian only to have the role snatched and given to Mike Epps for the Lee Daniels project.

On Monday, Marlon’s audition taped “leaked” online and I was completely blown away by it.

The actor and comedian poured his heart and soul into that audition in a way that made me think, “What the heck did Mike Epps do to top this?!”

Marlon’s long-time friend, Omar Epps, assisted in one scene by playing the role of Richard Pryor‘s therapist.

Watch Marlon Wayans‘ audition tape below and let me know what you think.



Now, I really want to see what Mike Epps is going to do with this role.