Lala Anthony Checks Raven Symoné After She Takes A Dig At Ciara

Go best friend…that’s my best friend!

Lala Anthony respectfully checked Raven Symoné after she took a dig at her best friend, Ciara, on “The View.”

The ladies were discussing the impact social media has on relationships.

Raven aka “Shady Boots” began running off a list of failed celebrity couples “who made their relationships all about social media” then broke up.

Her list also included Ciara and Future. That’s when the “Power” actress had to press the pause button on Raven.

Well, Raven…Ciara is my best friend.

She’s never made her relationship on social media. That’s not her thing at all.

I think the public’s fascination that makes it about social media. I think the public can create the relationship on social media.

A lot of times the celebrity doesn’t. It’s the fascination with the celebrity and the couple that drives it to be a social media type of relationship.

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