You know why this blog is here… (In my Marshawn Lynch voice)

On Friday night, Key & Peele‘s Super Bowl Special aired on Comedy Central and they offered a hilarious skit targeting the headline grabbing relationship between the media and Seattle Seahawks ballers Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch.

The skit puts Sherman and Lynch together in an NFL press conference. Richard is fully engrossed in a rant about the Oscar nominations.

But, how you gone nominate Selma for Best Film and Ava DuVernay not gone get a Director nomination?! Like I don’t understand exactly how that works! I’m not a member of the academy, but it seams like things are a little backwards there. Wouldn’t you agree, Marshawn?!

That’s when Marshawn Lynch steps to the podium and says…

Biscuits and gravy.

Watch the hilarious skit below.

I’m sure Richard and Marshawn got a kick out of this!

The Seattle Seahawks face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Who you got?

Photo: YouTube