Jussie Smollett Releases “F.U.W.” Video

Tell em why you mad, Jussie!

Empire” star Jussie Smollett isn’t mincing words or cutting corners in his newly-released music video for “F.U.W.” (F**ked Up World), where he takes aim at Donald Trump.

Jussie told the Associated Press, “This song is for the oppressed. That’s why I feel like people will connect with it because it is very broad, because oppression is so broad.”

Peep a few lyrics below:

Why are we back in the past?
It’s the same script different cast
All of these alternative facts
Catch me outside how about that?
Why is it so hard to keep hope?
Who got that popular vote?
Was the whole thing just a joke?
Was the whole thing just one big joke?”

“F.U.W.” was slated to appear on the actor and singer’s long-awaited debut album, however Jussie said he couldn’t sit on the song any longer.

We had written so many other great songs for my album, but this just felt like ‘I can’t wait for the album, I can’t wait for a single.

You couldn’t follow, you know, normal rules or normal protocol with this, you just had to get it out and luckily Columbia (Records) stood behind me.

Check out the official music video directed by Jussie Smollett below.


“F.U.W.” will be released as an official single this summer.

Your thoughts on the song?

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