Carol Maraj's Tell-All Interview About Jelani Maraj's Child Rape Case

A day after Nicki Minaj released her new album, QUEEN, her mother, Carol Maraj sat down with Charles Fisher of the “Hip Hop Hood Report” for an exclusive tell-all interview about her son, Jelani Maraj‘s child rape case.

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During the half-hour interview, Carol talks about everything from juror misconduct to evidence tampering.

She also believes a strategic effort was put forth to villainize her son in the media to ruin his chances of receiving a fair trial.

Here’s what I learned from the interview…

There was an alternate juror released from the case, who immediately spoke with the press saying he would have freed Jelani because there was no evidence.

According to Carol, the alternate juror said, “Every piece of clothing or evidence presented came back negative.”

The juror also questioned, “Why would they say because his sister isn’t there he’s guilty? And why would they talk about what Wendy Williams say?”

The alternate juror later joined Jelani’s defense team by signing an affidavit where he specified which jurors were discussing the case prior to deliberations – a direct violation of the court’s orders.

Carol Maraj also questioned why the jurors weren’t sequestered considering the fact that her son’s case was high profile because of his sister. 

Ms. Maraj went on to discuss who the DNA in the case was “inconclusive,” however, it was leaked to the media that the DNA was a match. 

Jelani’s mother also said the police did not collect evidence in the case. The alleged victim’s mother gave them the clothing with Jelani’s DNA on it, which left the door wide open for tampering.

She also went on to explain how an expert doctor on the case says the victim was not sodomized, however, the prosecution said she was in their opening statement. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Watch the full Carol Maraj exclusive interview below.


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