Gayle King‘s conversation with Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage aired on Thursday and it was interesting to watch to say the very least.

Azriel, 21, was ready to give Gayle all the smoke. She was incredibly defensive and angry. Meanwhile, Joycelyn, 23, was very docile and appeared to do her very best to remember her lines and not say the wrong thing.

Both ladies confirmed they are in a relationship with the 52-year-old embattled singer and claimed their parents are simply scammers who are only lying on R. Kelly and trying to take him down because he didn’t comply with their financial demands.

I will say – I noticed how Azriel looked at Joycelyn several times as if she was cueing her to say something or cosign her remarks.

Also, Azriel said her parents encouraged her to obtain sexually explicit photos and video of herself with R. Kelly while she was underaged so that they could use it later to blackmail him.

She later said her parents threatened to expose her and R. Kelly by releasing explicit photos and videos of them.

If she never engaged in any underage sexual activity with R. Kelly why would there be pics and videos for her parent to use in their allegedly blackmailing scheme?

Watch the clips below.


After R. Kelly’s explosive interview aired on Wednesday, Joycelyn Savage did give her family a quick courtesy call that was captured on video.

R. Kelly is back in jail for failing to pay the $160K+ the back child support that he owes his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly.

At this point, this entire situation has become one big circus with multiple acts and a Pied Piper as the ringmaster.

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