Ice & Coco talk show - Ice-T-Coco


This summer, Ice-T and and his wife, Coco, are headed to daytime TV with the “Ice & Coco” talk show.

The couple, who celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on December 31, let us into their lives for three years with their hit reality series, “Ice Loves Coco.”

Starting August 3, you can catch Coco and Ice-T on FOX kicking it with their celebrity friends and chatting about everything under the sun from Ice’s cars and Coco’s shoes.

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Coco told Bridal Tribe magazine:

It’s a three-week test starting August 3rd and it is just Ice and Coco. If you watched our reality show, “Ice loves Coco”, it’s like the next version of that.  Instead of watching our life roaming around, not really doing much,  you can get to know us. The studio set will look like our apartment.  Everybody knows what our apartment looks like from the show, so you  look like you’re entering our home and we’re going to sit down and chat.  We will have celebrity friends on there but it’s not going to be celebrity based. It will not be about gossip, we’re just going to have fun.  You are going to see the dogs on it.  You are going to see everybody you saw on “Ice Loves Coco”  on our talk show and we going to talk about life, relationships, love.

It’s going to be great.  And you know what? It’s the first married interracial couple on a talk show ever, so we’re breaking barriers. We don’t have the time slots yet, but it’s going to start August 3rd.

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