Wonder Woman 2 Release Date

New ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Release Date Announced

Warner Bros. made my heart smile when they announced they have pushed the release date up for Wonder Woman 2.

Instead of a December 2019 release, the Princess of the Amazons will return to theaters on November 1, 2019.

There were reports that Gal Gadot said she would pull out of the film if Brett Ratner wasn’t ixnay’d from the franchise after his sexual misconduct allegations.

Deadline reports that is false tea.

There was some noise over the weekend on the internet that Gadot wouldn’t sign for the sequel unless Brett Ratner’s name was removed from the franchise. We hear this is false. First of all, Gadot is locked in to star in Wonder Woman 2 and there haven’t been any sour talks between the actress and Warner Bros.’ upper brass re Ratner.

The studio is pushing both Gadot and Jenkins this awards season and both were in cheery attendance on Saturday night at the AMPAS Governors Awards. Second, RatPac Dune isn’t committed to finance Wonder Woman 2; the passive investor’s commitments with WB end with the April 20 release of Rampage. In addition, Ratner isn’t listed as producer on the first Wonder Woman, RatPac was merely a passive financier.

I’ll be on time for Wonder Woman 2! How about you?